About Us


In 2009 I met a man who changed all my well thought out plans. Almost 6 years later and a successful bi-coastal relationship, we are still throwing expectations to the wind. Jeff is a philosophy nerd, turned youth pastor, turned humanities teaching hopeful, with a growing collection of tattoos to remind him of his punk rock days in Northern California. After declaring at 18, I was never moving back to California, I was drawn back to the West Coast by the man I loved and the church he served. I am deeply fascinated by the Middle East, religious extremism  and Muslim-Christian relations. Oh and Mormons (one of these things is not like the other). I have spent an inordinate amount of my life struggling with Semitic languages and hope to one day put my interests to good use.

Sometimes we are athletic.


But usually we spend more time yelling at other people playing sports. We spent a lot of this fall figuring out how to watch Oregon Duck football and Georgetown basketball on the other side of the world. Which brings me to the point of this exercise. In the fall of 2014, we moved from our wonderful home in Ventura, California to St Andrews, Scotland to attend the University of St Andrews, Scotland’s oldest university and the meeting place of Will and Kate (We are now on a first name basis with the Prince and the Duchess of Cambridge.  It’s part of the deal). I studied Middle Eastern Security Studies and Jeff, systematic theology. We are so grateful to have jobs again! In August we will be moving to DC to re-enter the working world, but not before we finish our dissertations.

Why Chasing Alethea?

Alethea is the Greek word for truth. My Greek philosophy loving husband taught me that. He actually wants to name one of our very hypothetical children Alethea, which could make this blog a cute play on words in the very, very distant future. We hope that in all things we are orientated toward truth, that our educations and our lives are devoted to a better understanding of ultimate truth, while simultaneously acknowledging human limitation and accepting the inevitable reality that whatever we learn is just one iota of all that exists. We are also Christians and believe that God and Truth are one, and that in this great big adventure, we are chasing after the lives and the people God intended for us to be. 304533_4426135776056_2058555918_n

Because obviously, He was hoping for something better than this.


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