Last Days in Scotland

We have been in Paris since late Tuesday, which would seem like adequate time to adjust to the fact that we have really left St Andrews.  But it has been easy in the whirlwind of moving to avoid actually processing leaving, even with our attempts to use our last week as a excuse for lots of “one last times” and “we have nevers.” Even as we put the final touches on the where we have been in Scotland map, it doesn’t  seem quite real yet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 9.37.42 AM

My favorite detail of the map is Tiree completely colored in. We literally drove/ran on every road of the island.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In our last week, there were many walks along the pier when the Scottish summer peeked through. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And one afternoon, when I decided it was finally warm enough, I jumped off of it. Jeff jumped when it was snowing. I feel like I made the better choice. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to Jeff’s mom we had the chance to play 18 holes in St Andrews. The course is a beautiful climb along the estuary, complete with many opportunities to check out the local foliage as we hunted for our many misdirected balls.


This is a practice swing. I promise. I also failed to take a regular photo of Jeff golfing so just imagine him.

Jodi also gave us a voucher for land yachting, a cross between sailing and go chart racing. Like most things Jeff got it right away and I took a bit longer. Our guide at one point did ask me if I had ever driven a car before. Despite my initial struggles I managed to neither run into anyone or catch a gust into the ocean.  I call that a success. West Sands has always been my favorite and cruising along in sand buggy with a giant sail is a pretty great way to say goodbye.


I believe this picture documents both my fantastic photography skills and my land yachting skills.

IMG_8115 We did one more distillery tour at Glenkinchie, a small distillery south of Edinburgh. IMG_8095Glenkinchie was the last of the twelve Classic Malts we set out to see in September. Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.14.05 AMIt was a strange sense of accomplishment at the close of a journey that brought us all over Scotland. In total, Jeff visited 27 distilleries and I visited 23, a small fraction of Scotland’s total production, but a good go for the year! We also stopped in that day and marveled for hours at the Rosslyn Chapel of Dan Brown, Knights Templar fame. The chapel’s legends are certainly interesting, but the carvings and their stories were incredible and more than worth the drive south. IMG_8105As special as these last experiences were, we spent most of our last few days ignoring our dissertations so we could spend a few last moments and meals with the wonderful people who made St Andrews home.


One last Big Ben burger and whisky at the Central with Becky and Jared.


With my favorite Finnish, British, Australian and American small group women at our goodbye open house.


Saying goodbye to Tommi too soon at our flat.


The ceiling of St Andrew’s town hall where Cornerstone met, which hereby represents all the wonderful people there, including our wonderful pastoral team. Thank you Mark, Jenny, Kenny, and Anna!

As beautiful as Scotland is and how wonderful each new place was, as we pulled out of the train station on our way to Paris, literally running after it moments before so I could give Becky one more hug, I wasn’t crying for the beauty of the Highlands but for the special people St Andrews brought together for just a short while. We are so grateful for all of you and so excited to see you again.


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