Paris in July


I did not take this picture. It came from the internet.

In February, we heard about a very niche scholarship offered to graduate students from Scottish universities studying theology. The scholarship paid not only for a month of language study, but also covered living expenses.  The money comes from what is left of an endowment of a Protestant university that closed after the French revolution and is currently managed by the Catholic church. Jeff applied straight away and I sent off an application as well, explaining that while I am not theology student, I do study Muslim-Christian relations and would benefit from the study given my interest in North Africa. We then waited and waited and heard nothing. Really we had given up and were starting to look for tickets home. But this Tuesday we found out there had been a delay because the monsignor in charge had been ill, but that we both had been awarded the scholarship. On top of the grant, a friend in my program offered us her apartment in Paris for the month. I am just so amazed at how all this came together. Even better, we will be attending with our friends Kirsty and James, who received the same grant. Too perfect. We will take any and every recommendation for cafes and pastry shops. I plan on running and eating my way through Paris.Sadly this means we have just one month left in Scotland! I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I will be balancing scrambling to get work done with savoring of last days in St Andrews.


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