Skiing for the Conditions

When we first moved to Scotland, I was quickly enthralled with British Groupon. My excitement about the price of airline tickets in Europe finally met its match. I had a much harder time seeing through Groupon’s “this is an amazing deal and it’s going to go away soon don’t miss out” marketing on this side of the pond. I had a massive case of fear of missing out. So when a deal came up for a week skiing in the French Alps for roughly the same amount as two days in our local mountains in California, I may have gone on a slight rampage. Not that Jeff needed to be convinced, but I did pull Trevor and Rachel into our grand plan, and well flying from California was a slightly higher level of commitment. Thankfully, despite my haste, it was a pretty unforgettable trip! We loved exploring Scotland with Trevor and Rachel. Living together for two years is great preparation for roads trips. So together we finally made the long drive to the Isle of Skye, which in spite the wind and rain, lived up to its hype.


Family on the way to Skye and the selfie stick makes its first appearance.

Skye is stunning. DCIM102GOPRO Really unbelievably stunning.


The Fairy Pools of Skye are unreal. I am really glad we ignored the advice of the Scotland tourism representative who claimed they wouldn’t be worth it due to the weather.

We would love to go back some day for a bit more hiking.


So many high points to conquer!

DCIM102GOPRO But even in our brief time on the island, I think we got a good taste.


Really old whisky at Talisker distillery. I am pretty sure a single cask is valued at more than my net worth.

You could even say we took a bite out of life.


Skye’s famous Oyster shed. Incredible crab roles. Actual Shed.

And I got to say hi to my favorite furry friends.


Joy in cow form.


Portree in color.

From our beautiful time in Skye we went back to St Andrews and then on to Geneva where we would rent a car and drive into the French Alps. This trip was special for many reasons. Jeff, Trevor, and Rachel grew up in the mountain town of Mt Shasta, California and were basically raised at the ski resort. My southern California-self always enjoys meeting them at the bottom of the run. On top of the fact that Trevor and Rachel now live in Ventura (more beach than snow), California has been in a serious drought for the last three years. Last year the ski park didn’t open once. From going from skiing every week (every day) to once a year, is a slight culture change. So sometimes you have to fly across half-way across the world to ski on a mountain that once hosted the Olympics because your cousin found a good Groupon deal. IMG_4804 Yet if I am being completely honest, we did manage to hit the resort on a slightly down week in snow terms.  One day Trevor hit a patch of rocks in the middle of the run, gauging his rentals and facing the wrath our the French rental shop manger, who just kept saying over and over again that Trevor wasn’t skiing for the conditions. Opps! We did manage to make the best of it. It is the Alps!


I fell every time we got into the gondola. It really shouldn’t be that hard.

Jeff’s gopro captured some of our best footage. Well his, and Trevor and Rachel’s best footage, I mostly just looked like a goob. I had fun!

But really the video I was most excited about was this one. On a day when the snow was a little less than ideal. We got to shoot a video with a little less action, and now that the word is out we can celebrate.

Trevor and Rachel are having a baby! I am going to be an aunt! Or as Jeff insists a second-cousin once removed in law. Yes, technically Jeff and Trevor are not brothers, but they are cousin-brothers (cousins like brothers, not cousins and brothers), and I am an a only child, and Jeff’s only sister has like 8 years of medical school ahead of her, so this is basically my only legitimate shot at aunthood in the next decade. We are so very excited for this baby and loved that we got to find out in person about his or her impending arrival. The hardest part of being in Scotland is being so far from friends and family. Sometimes you get lucky and they come to you! This also worked in our favor because of the long list things pregnant women can’t eat, there was more fondu for us!


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