Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen


The library stays open till midnight. Even on weekends.

My grandfather is from Scotland, and for as long as I can remember I have felt a deep connection to this country. I remember driving in his car singing along to Scottish folk songs, listening to him tell me why Scotland is better than any other country. When I was in 5th grade I got in trouble for calling our English librarian a limey (I didn’t know what it meant). In 6th grade I wrote my country report on Scotland. I have honestly lost count of all the Highland games I’ve gone to. Braveheart was my favorite movie growing up. I learned how to toss a caber when I was in elemntary school. I wore kilt during the reception of my wedding. All of this is to say that moving to Scotland is a lifelong dream come true.

And now that I am finally living here, this is what our lives look like.


The King James Library is part of the Divinity School and was built in 1643. He commissioned our Bilble and my library.


Sometimes Hayley lets me study on the couch too.


Of course I only say that in jest. We love it here. St. Andrews is an incredible town, filled with deep history and shockingly friendly people. I am daily jealous of the American undergrads that get to go to school here. “Why didn’t I think of this!?” We have already had the opportunity to do some traveling, and this weekend we are going to spend Saturday in Edinburgh and take in a Rugby match. We can’t complain. However, make no mistake, our day to day, is mostly spent reading and writing. (Which is also pretty awesome. Who can complain about getting to study what they love every day?) I just don’t want you all thinking our lives are filled with Harry Potter trains, Highland walks and Whiskey. Although we are just heading to a pub to meet some friends. Cheers!

– Jeff



One thought on “Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen

  1. Yeah, oh darn. What a terrible thing, to read and write all day. In Scotland. Waves and clouds of jealousy emanating now from the Lower West Coast of the United States. And happiness for the two of you. But unadulterated jealousy, too, no doubt about it.

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