We’re home!

For the last week or so Jeff has been telling everyone that we were homeless, jobless, and carless. Unemployment and crashing with my parents was actually quite relaxing (thanks Mom and Dad!), but I feel like in the last few days we have really come up in the world.

We left LAX Wednesday morning. After our bags miraculously all weighed in under 50 pounds I knew it was going to be a smooth trip. Everything went exactly to plan. Each of our three flights got in early. We arrived at Edinburgh airport exactly when were supposed to meet our shuttle to St. Andrews and made it to our flat exactly when we were supposed to meet our landlord, who was already there changing our light blubs. I even slept through our red eye flight.

2014-09-06 19.45.43

Our Street! I’ll work on my iphone photography. Also Jeff taught me how to make the photos bigger.

A little luck has gone a long way these first few days. Our flat is nearly perfect. The location is ideal. St. Andrews the town and St. Andrews the university exist as one commingled entity. We are an easy walk to all necessary parts of each.  Our butcher, produce stand, and cheesemonger (how great is that word) are just down the street. There are four or five pubs just around the corner (including my early favorite, St. Andrews Brewing Co.). We went for a quick run along the coast, long past our academic buildings.

photo 2

We were initially hesitant about our decision not to purchase a car. It is only the first week, but I am pretty confident we are going to be jut fine. Everyone walks. Everywhere. I know we are quickly going to want to get out of town more, but the bus station to Edinburgh is just up the hill. Yeah for public transportation! Going from car dependent Los Angeles to this is definitely refreshing.

In addition to our central location, we have a surprising amount of room.  Our big green couch is quickly becoming my favorite spot. From here we look out into our wee little garden. The sun has been out each morning and the flowers are quite quaint. It is all quite surreal to be completely honest.

2014-09-06 12.28.09

That spider web looking thing is a clothes line. Considering it rains 22 of 30 days each month I’m not exactly sure how useful it is going to be.

2014-09-06 12.28.55

Hi Jeff!

My only complaint: our bed is comically small.

2014-09-06 12.56.14

More Jeff!

Our transition from the best bed ever has been a little rough, made only worse by an abnormally bad case of jet-lag. Sleeping in to 3:00pm on Friday kept us up to 5:00am this morning. At least we can watch college football (Go Ducks!)

Other than getting settled, we have gone on lots of nice walks. It’s been quiet peaceful. Not exactly anything blog worthy, but a pretty amazing way to start the year. The coastal views are amazing. I will try to do it justice.

Tomorrow begins “fresher’s” (orientation week). Our schedule is pretty packed. Lots of meeting people, my favorite and learning more about our programs, my actual favorite. All the best kind of first day-jitters.

2014-09-06 21.42.24

Two degrees = two times the orientation events

But tonight we are just hanging out on our big, green couch, watching Stanford play USC and eating meat flavored chips in Scotland, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.





2 thoughts on “Home!

  1. I’m watching USC-Stanford, too, and also looking forward to Oregon-Michigan State, but I’m definitely not eating meat-flavored chips nor am I on the Scottish coast. Still on a coast, though. Glad you’ve arrived safely and all is good so far! (Other than the small bed.)

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