There and Back Again

The catalyst for this blog is simple. In 131 days we will be moving from here:





It is 5,138 miles from Ventura, CA to St. Andrews, Scotland, from one coast to another.

I actually think that picture is deceiving because no way it is ever that sunny on the North Coast.

We will be leaving the warmth in pursuit of our masters degrees (M.Litts to be exact).

Historical and Systematic Theology for Jeff and Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies for me.

We hope to document our expatriation for posterity, for our family and friends, and well because Jeff has opinions and it is difficult to keep him from sharing.

Also because this is us, I hope there will be general musings on the things that keep us up at night: theology, politics, and Scotch.

I hope you come along with us as we go there and back again (Jeff just got a Tolkien tattoo. I think that earns me the right to at least 10 cheesy Hobbit/Lord of the Rings journey cliches).  We are already mourning that a year just won’t be enough, but then again we have no idea where 2016 will take us. This blog may have more life than we know.



2 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. The PV Kennedys wish you guys all the best in your new adventure! I’m sure you guys will have a great time! Tis the land of my heritage (Bill).

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